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Intelligent Traffic Analyser (ITA)

Intelligent Traffic Analyser (ITA)

RecoTraffic Intelligent Traffic Analyser (ITA) is a software capable of deriving the traffic congestion status with just a single image.

Using the latest machine learning technology, ITA provides an automated process for highway operators and the local council by reducing the number of manpower deployed to observed traffic condition manually.

Its simple integration makes ITA an easy-to-use plugin for any existing CCTV setup. Designed for operation efficiency, its bandwidth consumption is minimal as it only requires an image to run.

Key Features

Congestion Detection
Analytic Report
Traffc Data Collection
Easy Integration

ITA Benefits

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Fast, reliable and stable
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Easy integration
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User-friendly configuration and operation
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Web-based reports
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Support all CCTV camera
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Low cost installation

System Architecture


Snapshot Image

Recogine Technology


AI Model

Process via Machine Learning Model

ITA Engine

Return Result


Analytic Report

ITA Traffic Report