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License Plate Recogniser (LPR) for Electronic Toll Collection (ETC)


ETC- Series

Industrial-grade License Plate Recogniser (LPR) for Electronic Toll Collection

ETC-Series is industrial-grade vehicle license plate recogniser (LPR) designed and built to fit the LPR application in Electronic Toll Collection (ETC).

Key Features

LPS ASE key feature-03
Powered by Deep Learning Technology
LPS ASE key feature-04
High Performance, High Precision
LPS ASE key feature-05
Support both Centralized and Edge Processing
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Easy integration with parking system
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Industrial-proven, wide adoption

ETC Models


Designed & built to fit industrial LPR application that requires real-time performance and on-site integration with third-party application.


Rack-mounted LPR engine server product designed and built to fit large-scale LPR application capable of processing up to 10 channels (real-time).

*All pictures shown here are for illustration purpose only. Actual product size may vary.

System Architecture for ETC-EX

System Architecture for ETC-C

ETC Series Functions

LPS ASE series-11

Real time license
plate recognition

LPR ETC function-07

Process up to 10
video streams

LPS ASE series-12


PAS function-16

statistical report

LPS ASE series-13

Image snapshot
& timestamp

LPS ASE series-16

ONVIF compliant

LPR ETC function-08

Error notification
& alarm

LPR ETC function-09

Ready to interface
with ETC systems

Use Cases

Stop & Go (S&G) Plaza

At the toll plaza, an LPR application that is robust is needed to interact with the various toll collection system in real time. The dedicated configuration allows barrier gates to reduce lead time and risk.

Single Lane Free Flow (SLFF)

The LPR application is an integral part to allow free passage of vehicles while still collecting payment. RTC series is able to provide clarity of plates even while they are moving.

Multi Lane Free Flow (MLFF)

Open Road Tolling requires an LPR that can communicate at high speed and interface with RFID technology. RTC series is able to process the license plates moving at high speeds by operating on the gantry.

Available Models

LPR specific camera product which
is designed and built to fit different use cases of LPR application.


Adaptive algorithm

Designed to perform in various harsh weather conditions, camera position and to read unique local car plates for consistent readings

User friendly & easy to understand

The simple designed report helps operators to quickly understand the data collection

Time tested performance

With 10 years of optimizing and improving the video algorithm, our LPR has proven itself at numerous sites internationally

Ready to integrate at ETC system

Gateway is provided to interface and communicate at Toll Collection environment and 3rd party systems for seamless operation