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Public Address System For Railway (PAS)



Making well-informed audio messages
to a large audience with public
address system

PAS is our automated broadcasting system that provides clear and precise information for both real time or pre-recorded formats via paging, announcements and emergency alerts to the public.

Key Features

PAS key feature-03
Ad-hoc & Pre-recorded audio
PAS key feature-04
API ready for 3rd party integration
PAS key feature-05
High Availability Performance
PAS key feature-06
PAS key feature-07
Operations friendly user interface
PAS key feature-08
Wide Area Coverage
PAS key feature-09
Wireless Transmission
PAS key feature-10
Multi-tier Architecture


With a fast transmission, PAS offers great value by broadcasting information to the public at the right moment, therby boosting operational excellence and security. Our public address system are designed to keep the public well informed, and it is scalable and adaptable to diverse use cases and industries.

System Architecture


PAS function-11

Zone management

PAS function-15

Alarm monitoring

PAS function-12

High availability
with redundancy

PAS function-16

Web user

PAS function-14

& scheduling

PAS function-17


PAS function-13


PIDS function-18

Ready to interface
with 3rd party

Use Cases

Transportation Commuting Hub

Whether it’s at railway stations or bus/airport terminals, our PAS aids in keeping public’s safety the top most priority from managing crowds to emergency announcements.

Smart City

An interconnected video and audio network solu􀆟on may enhance the quality of life for the people living and travelling in the city, thus improving urban mobility.

Commercial Buildings

A well connected audio solution provides safety and security assurance in commercial buildings that enables people to carry out their daily activities efficiently this increasing productivity.

Operation Dashboard

Map overview with real time synchronization

PA broadcast schedular to play automatically

Device status notification and alarm management


Fast and reliable system

A superior quality audio and high speed transmission of reliable information to a wide range of audience at numerous places.

User friendly & easy to understand

A user friendly interface that provides seamless transitions and straight forward configurations for operators to work on their daily basis.

Scalable and Modular

Our public address system can be used as a stand alone or be part of integrated system.

API ready for 3rd party integrated system

Any 3rd party system can interfacing with our public address system via web API for seamless operation