Recogine Technology Sdn Bhd

crowd demographic analyser (CDA)


Make well-informed decisions for business experience

RecoSecure CDA is a platform for the operator or business owner to integrate their CCTV and Web Camera and upload the video or image stream to the platform and analyze the crowd demographics by using the deep learning algorithm and generating insights about the crowd that moving around their business entities.

Key Features

CDA key features-02
Powered by Deep Learning
CDA key features-03
Demographic Analytics
CDA key features-04
Analytic Engine Management
CDA key features-05
Web Dashboard
CDA key features-06
Big Data Analyser
CDA key features-07
Media Storage Management


System Architecture



  • Demographic analytics
  • Support existing CCTV camera
  • Helps manage crowd
  • Search specific people
  • API support for cloud access