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What is T.H.I.S?

The Total Hospital Information System (THIS) is a project by Ministry of Health (MOH) with the objective to provide a complete ICT system in establishing a paper-less hospital environment in order to offer quality health services to the public. An integration of clinical, administrative and financial systems.


Simplify Hospital Management


Comprehensive Report Types

Unparalleled Flexibility and Scalability


Hospital Information System - HIS

Made up of various applications (Person Management, Scheduling, Order Management, Clinical Documentation, PIS, LIS, RIS, and so on). The Administration and Finance system as back end is integrated with the HIS so that any changeable procedures or tests performed on the patient will automatically trigger the generation of the bills.

Picture Archiving Communication System - PACS

The system is interfaced with the various x-ray machines. So the challenge is the integration is so deep and extensive that it is not only between software applications but also between applications and modalities or equipment especially in the radiology, laboratory, intensive care and operating theatres where the system is interfaced directly into the equipment and whatever data or image produced by such equipment will go directly on-line into the system.