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Vehicle Incident Detector (VID)


Automated vision-based traffic analyzer for highway traffic conditions

VID is designed to provide automated detection on the highway traffic conditions, incidents, accidents by utilizing camera vision sensor.

Key Features

VID feature-04
Reliable Detection
VID feature-05
Vehicle Counting
VID feature-06
Stopped Vehicle Detection
VID feature-07
Real-time Performance
VID feature-08
Headway Estimation
VID feature-09
Vehicle Average Speed Estimation


Detecting vehicle incidents and traffic conditions suitable for application with network bandwidth & real-time data processing constraints.

Detecting vehicle incidents and traffic conditions suitable for highway & urban traffic monitoring application.


VID specific camera product which is designed and built to fit different use cases of VID application.

Use Cases

Traffic Monitoring

Real-time traffic

data / incidents alerts

Vehicle Congestion

Automated traffic
congestion detection
with VID solutions

Accidents Detection

Automated vehicle
accidents detection
with VID solutions