From gaming to AI computing. NVIDIA started out as engine to simulate human imagination, raising up the virtual worlds of video games and Hollywood films. Now, NVIDIA’s GPU is capable to simulate human intelligence, run complex deep learning algorithms and stand in as the brain of computers, robots, self driving car etc. NVIDIA constantly evolves by addressing and resolving the big opportunities that are hard to solve and matter to the world.


Traditional machine learning uses handwritten feature extraction and modality-specific machine learning algorithms to label images or recognize voices, but this method has some performance issues. 

Hence, NVIDIA adopted deep learning method to help resolve big data challenges  such as in computer vision and speech recognition. With deep learning, the machine is capable to drive true artificial intelligent and AI Computing with haste, precision and mass scale. NVIDIA Deep Learning SDK provides high-performance tools and libraries to power innovative GPU-accelerated machine learning applications in the cloud, data centers, workstations and embedded platforms.


By adopting NVIDIA technology, our intelligent video analytic solution such as Traffic Surveillance and Facial Recognition are boost up to 6X in performance gain. This is achievable through hardware and software acceleration which credit to NVIDIA GPU platform for Deep Learning.